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Going the extra mile - for ten whole years

Back in 2008, when we bought a pair of second-hand Mercedes S-Class saloons and Sybaris took to the road, we had high hopes for our fledgling business. Ten years later we’re delighted to report that things have worked out pretty well.

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Our new summer love - The Mercedes estate

As with all our executive cars, we have added additional features to this new E-Class estate which are designed to enhance your journey with us. The spacious interior benefits from rear controlled air conditioning and heated rear seats (just wait until those chilly early mornings in winter!). Whilst for sunnier days there are sun-blinds and privacy glass too. We have even added a luggage partitioning system in the spacious boot designed to prevent items moving around when in transit.

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Why reading novels makes you more successful

In our previous post we suggested a number of reasons why the chauffeur option (as opposed to driving yourself or taking the train) makes more sense from both a business and personal perspective. In the process of writing it we came across some fascinating research that provides strong, and perhaps surprising, evidence that reading novels is not a self-indulgent waste of a time for the busy executive – it’s actually a very smart way to get ahead!

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Joy of hiring a chauffeur

Back in August of last year we wrote a post making the business case for hiring a chauffeur – coming from a purely logical perspective we argued that it provided an excellent return on investment for the busy and successful executive. But that’s not the only reason why our clients use our services. There are many instances where the decision has nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with just enjoying oneself!

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Six family firms that have gone on to make history

Running any business is challenging, but family firms (which account for about 66% of the UK’s SMEs) can be especially awkward - discussions around a boardroom table are a lot more difficult when you know you’ll be seeing each other around the dinner table. If you doubt this just watch a rerun of “Dallas”, or listen to a few episodes of The Archers!

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A retrospective - the world’s most forward looking car

As the first chauffeur company in the South West to take delivery of the new Mercedes S-Class we can confidently say that it lives up to its promise – this is by some measure the best car in the world.

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Let it snow... Winter tyres keep us moving

Over the past few winters the UK has experienced some extreme weather conditions including severe cold and heavy snow. Sybaris keeps a watchful eye on weather conditions and takes the necessary precau

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Why it’s miles better to hire a chauffeur

Why is it that getting someone to help around the house, or in the office, is seen as nothing more than common sense, while paying someone to do the driving for you is regarded as an extravagant luxury?

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Little known museums of London

We spend a lot of time in London and over the years have found out about some of the capital’s less well known museums. If you are planning a visit over the Christmas break and are looking for something a bit different, maybe take a look at one of these little gems.

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The client who decided to drive himself

We’re a chauffeuring company – so we do the driving for you. On one recent occasion, however, the client took one look at the car and insisted on getting behind the wheel himself.

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Virgin Upper Class dedicated drop-off wing

If you are flying with Virgin Upper Class, we are now able to take you directly into the the dedicated departure wing at Heathrow Terminal 3. Until recently, this was only for those travelling to Heathrow with the Virgin Atlantic chauffeur service on selected ticket classes.

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Knowing you were there to chauffeur me home after a long haul flight was a practical solution as it saved on a hotel and was the ultimate treat!

Peter Nicholas

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