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Going the extra mile - for ten whole years

Back in 2008, when we bought a pair of second-hand Mercedes S-Class saloons and Sybaris took to the road, we had high hopes for our fledgling business.  Ten years later we’re delighted to report that things have worked out pretty well. 

We now have a team of superb drivers and a fleet of vehicles that are always bought brand new.  These include the long wheelbase Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes E-Class saloon and Mercedes E-Class estate, as well as the Mercedes V-Class MPV.  Looking back, it has been quite a trip.  In this post we share a few of the most notable milestones we passed on the way.

To infinity and beyond

In terms of distance covered in the last ten years we’ve clocked up more than 2,000,000 miles.  When expressed as a number it’s hard to picture.  So think of it in terms of going to the moon.  We’ve now done that 240,000 mile trip more than eight times and our drivers now achieve this feat every year!  Another way to look at this is in terms of driving around the world, a trip of 25,000 miles.  Our cars have done that 80 times and at the moment they’re circling the earth ten times a year.  Another quirky statistic for you – our passengers drink over 1,000 litres of water a year while travelling with us and consume 4,500 Murray Mints!

Heathrow and Gatwick are like second homes to us – we’ve completed over 5,000 airport runs to these two major hubs.  Our longest single journey was to Gleneagles and our longest single hire was for five consecutive days.

A great excuse to drive the best

Not surprisingly, we love cars.   It has been an absolute pleasure to drive all our vehicles over the past decade and we now buy them all brand new from Mercedes-Benz.  We are proud owners of one of the highest-spec Mercedes S-Class chauffeur cars in the country.  It boasts over £20,000 worth of extras that include fully reclining rear seats which can be both heated and cooled, goose-down filled headrest pillows, airline style tables, TV, fridge, panoramic fully glass roof.  Nothing is too good for our passengers!

Another high point was when Rolls Royce lent us a new Ghost, worth £250,000, to test drive for five days.  It was a wonderful experience for us and the lucky passengers who were upgraded.  Maybe you could convince us that we need to get one permanently!

Celebrity and royalty – all in a day’s work

We specialise in providing busy people with everything they need to maximise their productivity, conserve their energy and arrive at their destination feeling calm and relaxed.  Many of our clients are successful professionals but on occasion we’ve also chauffeured members of the royal family and a number of well known celebrities, along with their security staff.  One day we are being accompanied by a police escort to get through the crowd, another we are driving up to the steps of a private jet, and we’ve also done a fair share of book-signing tours for best-selling authors.  We’d love to drop a few names but naturally our lips are sealed.

Where to now? 

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re going to keep on doing what we’re doing, not least because we find it tremendously satisfying to help make people’s lives easier.  They can sleep on the way to early meetings, relax on the return journey after a busy day, use their valuable time more productively and come home in the evening to spend the night with family rather than alone in another hotel.  Whether it’s fetching elderly relatives at Christmas or taking kids to boarding school, helping film crews with their kit or getting lawyers to appointments with boxes of heavy papers, we’ll still be here to make sure everything goes smoothly, safely and effortlessly.

I have used Sybaris for more than 7 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending them - they provide a fantastic service - incredibly professional, always reliable and great cars!

Heather Frankham

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