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Our Philosophy

We have a genuine desire to help people by making their lives easier. This is done through providing the ultimate chauffeur driven experience – one that combines practical convenience with comfort and total reliability to make travelling a sheer pleasure. We believe this kind of exceptional experience doesn’t happen by accident – and to deliver it consistently requires a blend of many attributes. This includes a passion for excellence and refusal to compromise, mixed with an obsessive attention to detail and a relentless focus on efficient organisation.

Our History

The company was started in 2008 by the two directors who shared a passion for exceptional cars, both modern and classic, and were both looking for a new challenge – so they bought an S-class and Sybaris was born! The name Sybaris comes from an ancient Greek city that was a successful trading centre in [what is now] southern Italy. The prosperity of its inhabitants, and the comfortable lifestyle they enjoyed, became legendary – and this seemed fitting for a company dedicated to delivering the ultimate in bespoke chauffeur driven travel.


The company has now grown to run a fleet of executive vehicles including the latest Mercedes-Benz, and employs a team of full and part time drivers who drive all over the UK from our base in the South West.

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Our Drivers

Our drivers are at the heart of the whole experience. We realise that we can only expect them to treat our customers well, if they are respected as individuals too. We all share the same values and aspirations for the company, and understand that emotional intelligence is as important as operational efficiency. Drivers are encouraged to use their judgement in how to strike the right balance between the two and ultimately provide the customer with the best experience.

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Highly Trained

Smartly dressed in a suit and tie, our drivers are everything you would expect. Fully aware of the need for privacy and confidentiality when driving, everyone also has training from the Institute of Advanced Motorists to ensure a ride that’s not only smooth, but safe and efficient. The drivers are familiar with the vehicle so you can get the full benefit of all the features, as well as being organised to make sure everything runs effortlessly and on time.

Right Personality

Personal qualities are equally important, including common sense, a pleasant manner, honesty, integrity, reliability and enthusiasm. We’re also looking for those individuals with the emotional intelligence to attune themselves to each individual customer. Those who take the initiative and judge the situation correctly – knowing when to talk or simply when to remain silent.

Perfect Planning

Whilst we have strict standards and procedures, we also look for drivers who are obsessive about the detail. From researching the addresses and routes properly, checking the layout of a building in advance so they know where to drop you off, and texting to reassure you that they are waiting in arrivals, to being ready with the door and an umbrella – all things you can expect from a Sybaris driver.

How We Work

We try to think of absolutely everything we can to make using us as easy, reliable and enjoyable as possible. From rigorous back office systems and procedures, reassurance from confirmation emails and text messages, paying drivers by the hour so there is no incentive to cut corners, to fitting winter tyres to all our vehicles in the colder months, we have the expertise to deliver what is needed to give you complete peace of mind.

My clients say you are always very friendly and helpful and that you offer an impeccable service.

Delia Bas Mataix

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