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Joy of hiring a chauffeur

Back in August of last year we wrote a post making the business case for hiring a chauffeur – coming from a purely logical perspective we argued that it provided an excellent return on investment for the busy and successful executive. But that’s not the only reason why our clients use our services. There are many instances where the decision has nothing to do with efficiency and everything to do with just enjoying oneself!

Creating memories that last a lifetime

People who work hard understand that time is money – because they trade one for the other. But that doesn’t mean the two commodities are the same. They are fundamentally different in that money is replaceable whereas time is not. You can always earn more money, but time spent is gone forever. So the latter is incredibly precious, and spending money to make the most of it is nothing short of good sense.

Look at it this way - life is a once-only experience, made up of fleeting moments that become lasting memories. Sometimes those moments happen by happy accident. But others are the result of careful planning - a wedding day, a honeymoon, a special anniversary, a romantic break, a family holiday, time spent with close friends. Looking back, you’ll realise these are the events that have shaped your life, invested it with meaning and value. So they absolutely demand to be celebrated with all the style and exuberance you can muster to give the occasion the magic it deserves.

You can always fit a little bit more glamour into your life

At these all-important moments every little detail either adds to the experience or detracts from it - and hiring a chauffeur definitely falls into the former category. For starters, you or another member of the party doesn’t have the burden and distraction of driving, navigating and parking. Everyone can fully relax, join in the conversation and take in the view. What’s more, there’s the added excitement of a prestigious and luxurious vehicle that that not everybody will be familiar with – there’s nothing quite like riding in the latest Mercedes-Benz S Class!

What’s more, the sheer novelty and indulgence of having your own personal driver just adds a further layer of sophistication and exclusivity to the experience – everyone feels that extra little bit special when they are being given the celebrity treatment!

Go on – enjoy yourself

When you are having the time of your life you don’t want any niggling worries or tiresome distractions. Stressing about staying awake on the drive home, whether it’s alright to have just one more glass of wine, walking back to the car in the rain or missing the last train home can really take the edge off things – you want the freedom to throw yourself into the occasion knowing that getting home is totally taken care of.

Open your mind to the possibilities

Hiring a chauffeur is something that naturally comes to mind for occasions such as a wedding, or a party where wining and dining is a big part of the fun. But there are so many other opportunities for making enjoyable events even more special.

We all love holidays, but getting to the airport, negotiating the traffic, parking the car and transferring your luggage to the terminal is nobody’s idea of fun. Nor is doing it all in reverse, when you are tired after the flight, on your return. When you add the parking fees on top of the effort and hassle a chauffeur-driven start and end to your holiday becomes a very appealing option indeed. And just think of all the other times when having a chauffeur will turn a great event into a truly amazing one. How about a day at the races with half a dozen of you in a smart people carrier, a rugby or football match with your mates, or a day out at Henley, Wimbledon or Silverstone?

You could travel in a luxurious limousine to and from an intimate dinner for two at that Michelin starred restaurant you’ve heard so much about, or enjoy a night of theatre or music in Bristol, Bath or the West End. Or maybe you fancy a day at the Bath & West Show, the Hay Festival or shopping with the girls up in town.

All work and no play…

Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands to fill the time allotted for it” - which is another way of saying that the fun in your life has to be scheduled and planned. So take some time out and make the most of every moment with a chauffeuring service that offers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

If you’d like more details of how we making getting to and from the airport less of a hassle and more of a pleasure then click here.

I have been using Sybaris Chauffeurs for several years for both business and private travel. I have never been let down and their time keeping is impeccable.

Doug Stewart

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